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In most puzzle games, your player is able to perform several different actions. But in this game, you only have one action. Seems easy, right? Absolutely not. Before you start, you have to decide what that action  will do. It’s a game for those who like scratching their neck for minutes!


  •  Place the scripting blocks in the panel to the left.
  • Press GO to run the script.
  • Continue pressing GO as  many times you want.

You are such an awesome person, Jupi! You have been a helping hand in my, and so many other's game-making journeys.

Install instructions

 Extract all the files and run the application. Your firewall may try to stop you. But that’s just because too few people have downloaded it before.


GO GO GO.zip 20 MB


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Very nice and fun programming puzzle game. If you could make the block for place the command can be seen more clearly and some nice zen music for programming that would be great! xD